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This page was last updated: June 28, 2017
Welcome to Ree-Dun Imagination!
At Ree-Dun Imagination I believe, as you do, that beautiful well thought-out weddings do not happen by chance.  As a busy bride, you may not have the time, energy, nor the source to carry out your dream wedding or the very wedding you read about in a magazine.  I do.

Frustrated with all of the "well meaning" suggestions from your friends and family on what to do, but its NOT what you want?  Would you like for a professional to resolve perhaps the venue decor, your wedding bouquet(s) or just the overall idea plans for your wedding?

I know the secret to creating a fantasy or dreamdt about wedding that is personalized and customized to center around who you are and not who you want to be.  My brides who work with me, receive a calm and peace of mind before their wedding day.

I am different than my competitors because I allow you to preview or visualize my work. Your wedding bouquet(s) can be previewed before the wedding if you are choosing the "LOOK FRESH" flowers. I also welcome the opportunity for you to visualize your decor at your event months before.  Because of this, my brides can relax, let loose, and enjoy their planning.  This allows you time to celebrate your wedding day!

So pamper yourself and enjoy the moment, because with this caliber of an event there is no room for error (s).

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