Please take a moment to read this before working with or contacting Ree-Dun Imagination

How long have you been doing this and how did you become a Wedding Event Designer/Florist?
My passion for creativity started very early.  As a young girl I was always ready to please and create something for others. While helping with friends and family weddings...I then realize that planning events such as weddings was something that I could do much more than for a hobby.

In 1999 Ree-Dun Imagination open its doors and became the home-base for beautiful event decorations. However, we now focus primarily on weddings.

We love your work decor and wedding flowers, but what makes you so different from all the others?
We are real people wanting to see real people celebrate the way you should on an event that is important as your wedding. We do NOT create “PERFECT” weddings, because they do NOT exist. We create moments where you can look back at and say "can we start this day all over again exactly like we did it".

~ decor
As for the decorations, we realize this can be overwhelming.  Especially in a large space. To ease your planning we mentally paint the decor picture for you. By the time you see your room will feel like you been there before. 

What makes us so unique with decor? Since we have hands on for all of your décor, we can provide more. We like IMPACT while creating décor in your space.  Ultimately you describe what you want. We take care of all details, leave nothing for chance, and bring your vision to life. The attitude “this will do” is unacceptable in terms of decorations and/or your wedding flowers. 
TIP:  There is nothing like looking back thinking “if I only could have done...…” .

~ flowers
As for the flowers, we provide two types "FRESH" and "FRESH LOOKING".  No matter what season we can create that HIGH-END bouquet.  Cally, orchids, roses, peonies are available year round with us. As well as accessorizing your flowers with stones, pearls and a holder.  ALL of our "FRESH LOOKING" bouquets are designed with holders, of course if you option out for a holder its your choice. Our flowers are designed a little different from the average florist. They are neither fresh flowers nor silk (paper feel).  They only LOOK and feel fresh.  Our "Fresh" flowers are seasonal and are available based on the season.

What set us apart with our flower are a couple of things.  You can get any flowers we offer that typically are seasonal. Perfect for an all day out door wedding.  You can have your bouquet weeks before if you desire to see if this is something you really expected. Now that's unique. Unlike the day of when you have no choice but keep the look of your bouquet! Our "FRESH" flowers are designed to look good within ALL budgets.  Ex: We will NOT do 3 - 6 roses tied with a ribbon without accents!

Are your services and products affordable for me as a bride?
Weddings are an investment. No one see's your day as important as you do. So, how can you afford NOT to partner up with a professional decorator/florist for this special event.

Imagine walking into your venue seeing colors not coordinated or unadorned decor. Now imagine walking into your venue and seeing a page come alive as if you are turning through a bridal book. Breath taking when your guests such as family and friends walk in and say VERY IMPRESSIVE after the word WOW!

Many times, family and friends (out of love) think this is the time for you to "save your money". There are at least 9 vendors or more for an average wedding. Narrowing it down to what is more valuable to you and then choosing the right one can be challenging.  There is no RE-TAKE.  You ONLY get married for the first time ONCE. 

Are there particular brides you prefer to work with?  What is expected of me?
Ree-Dun Imagination works well with brides that are wanting a unique look, feel and wanting to capture and freeze moments as long as she can at her venue; as well as carry flowers that really reflect her personality and not her budget (especially if flower budget is low). A bride who wants professional work on her special day.

We expect you to enjoy your engagement days. Spend as much time with each other to create more memories. Secondly, partner up with a designer and/or florist that has your interest in mind and will save you time and energy. You only get one time to plan your wedding day. There is no room for error. (Well, you learn to laugh at some, which makes the day memorable.)  If you are NOT a DIY bride this is not the time to test it out on your wedding day. Many times you think you can do it for less. But remember, the professionals have connections to vendors that can provide us with the WOW! and HUGE IMPACT! to show off at your event.

Who is NOT going to benefit from working with you?
Please know that we are very selective with our clients. Sometimes we must (gently) turn away brides that are not a fit for the type of service that we provide. Perhaps they ARE a DIY bride and only want ideas, or price reduction. Our designs, as well as the work we provide you are very detailed, personalized and professional. So if the cost is more important to you than the quality or creativity of the work…then we may not be the right choice/fit for you.

It has been our experience that brides that are price shopping are not looking for quality, nor comparing apples for apples.  If you feel like this may describe you, don’t worry--that’s absolutely OK.  Allow us to make a couple of suggestions:

Check out some DIY books that may help you design your own wedding day.

Recruit family and/or friends to set it all up for you.  However, on the the day of, there is  quite a bit going on.  You should be pampering yourself and not worrying about the cake. Where's the DJ? Did the caterer arrive? Where are the flowers? Are these the same flowers? Room set-up, transportation and more. My suggestion would be to at least hire Day-Of Planner to carry out your details.

Do keep in mind that lack of experience may cause some details to go un-touched…it may also cause you to not get that polished, professional look.

Do you take credit cards and do you have a payment plan?
Yes! We  have a REE-LAY Away plan. You can make monthly payments. 
Yes! We happily accept all major credit cards.  

This sounds like everything I’ve been looking for.   What happens next to get started?
Congratulations on making this investment in your future! Please take time to review our packages to get acquainted with what we offer. We customize our packages to meet your needs, so don't worry if you don't see exactly what you need - we can always do some tweaking.

The next step is to email us at with your proposed wedding date and contact information and we will get back to you with 24 hours to set up your complimentary initial consultation.  Meeting in person is a great opportunity to get to know each other better and you'll get to share with me your wedding day vision.  Once we determine your needs, we will review our package in greater detail and find the one that best fits you.              

Okay, I am ready. But, I do have a couple more questions before getting started…can I contact you to discuss this further?
Yes, of course. Feel free to email Ree-Dun Imagination at or call us directly at 314.652.5548 and we’ll setup a complimentary get acquainted consultation to discuss where you are in your wedding plans and see if we can help!

What are some of the locations you have decorated?

Allied Health - SLU
Ambruster Great Hall
Andre's - South
Bridgeton Community Center
Carpenters Hall
Creve Coeur Community Center 
Embassy Suites – Airport
Florissant Community Center
German Culture Society
Hazelwood East Community Center
Heman Park Community Center
Hilton Hotel - Saint Louis Airport
Holiday Inn – Downtown
Holiday Inn - Central Westend
    Kennedy J F Community Center
Marriott Hotel - Saint Louis Airport
Maryland Heights Community Center
Machinist Hall
Olivette Community Center
Richmond Heights Comm Center
Saint Ann Community Center
Sheldon Concert Hall
    SIU Edwardsville
The Chase Park Plaza
The Crown Plaza Hotel - Saint Louis Airport
The Doubletree West Port Plaza
The Kemp Auto Museum
The Millennium Hotel - Downtown Saint Louis
The Renaissance Hotel - Saint Louis Airport
The Renaissance Grand Hotel
The Sheraton Clayton Plaza
Tropicana Bowling Lanes
U Can Dance Studio
Windows Off Washington
Worlds Fair Pavilion
Yacovelli's Restaurant  
....And many others

Congratulation on your engagement!
We look forward to partnering up with you.

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