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The dilemma of  a DIY bride
DIY brides are capable of creating her personal look and style.  She can look into magazines, books or watch wedding shows and say “YES I CAN” to many styles that she sees and then bring it to life at her wedding. The DIY bride’s challenges are the resources. “Where do I go for the look”? Where do I go for the products”? How do I set this up to look like that magazine?

So off you start the search and this can sometimes take days, weeks or months to find what you are looking for or the idea to come to life.  As a modern-busy DIY bride, your time is limited.  By the time you Google, search all the bridal/party stores, read magazines and hear suggestions from well meaning family and friends of what to and not to do, you are over-whelmed, and confused.  Now the “this will do” attitude will come into play, causing you to put your wedding design on the back burner.


Perhaps, you are a bride that just wants to save money….but at the same time you want that very special wedding that would COST you more money than you can afford. The very thought of hiring someone is just not an option. But you want your wedding day to be something special to look back on for years to come.

What modern bride doesn’t want a really beautiful wedding, whether simple, elegant or over the top amazing? All brides fall somewhere in that category.  Where do you fall?

Ree-Dun Imagination has the resources, skills, experiences in many, many areas.  Although I am not perfect or claim to know it all, I can locate it “on a dime” (that’s the comical part of me…get it). Ok moving on. 

If you are a DIY bride that can create a special day or a DIY bride that just need to save money but still want her day to be special, I can walk you through the steps of creating a wedding that is amazing to you.  Ex: You want to create a look on your table.  A “tablescape” design can change the mood in your room from simple to just amazing.

Yes! I want to hire Ree-Dun Imagination for the DIY services. – Where do I start?
Fill out the agreement form and forward to me along with the PFS (Preferred Service Form). Contact Ree-Dun Imagination via email at  In the subject line type DIY Services and your wedding date.  Let’s first see if we are a fit. This is determined by your motivation, your desire and willingness to actually “doing it yourself”. 

How does this service benefit me?
Once we have teamed up. (We have received your paperwork as well as payment). We will provide you with our vendors that we have used in the past as well as some we can recommend that has a good reputation.  We will do all the foot work (price comparison, resources to order from). This way you are saving money, time and energy.  You will have access to us as you plan your event. You will have a professional feel/ambiance at your venue and then can look back on your day with no regrets.

Our Guarantee
We will stand by our services - as we know this day is important to you and you are not trying to waste any of your budgeted funds. But this is a win, win offer for our DIY brides.  We will help you save $$ on the above.  If we do NOT we will refund every cent back to you if we do NOT save you at least $249.00*  So, how can you loose?

Please print, read and sign the agreement.  Then list the items that you would want or plan to have at your event.  As a DIY bride, you no doubt have an idea of the cost of many items.  All are not nececssary to list.  However, if your plan is to get a return and not get the satisfaction of obtaining great vendors that has proven their services to others, this may not be the service for you.

*This savings is based on 200 guests.  If your guest count is less we can save you at least ½ of the cost for our services. Ex: The guest count of 175 we will save you at least 1/2 of the cost of this service. Either way you are guaranteed to save and still have our resources for creating a beautiful and less time consuming wedding…because we will do all the foot work. Please note refund guarantee applies to at least 150 guests.

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