Not by chance.

I believe as you do, that a beautiful well thought-out event does not happen by chance.  

I've met clients that prior to working with Ree-Dun, found themselves frustrated with all of the well-meaning suggestions from friends and family on what to do, but it's not exactly what they want. I am different from my competitors, because I allow my clients preview or visualize my work prior to the day of their event.  

Even though Ree-Dun was established in 1999, my passion for creativity started very early. As a young girl I was always ready to please and create something for others.  While helping friends and family with their weddings, I realized this was something more than a hobby for me.


There is nothing like looking back thinking “if I only could have done...…” .

My goal is to provide a calm and peace of mind, allowing you to enjoy the planning process and your event. 


Ultimately you describe what you want. We take care of all details, leave nothing for chance, and bring your vision to life. 

Marie Duncan
Founder & Creative Director